Our new litter H2!

D.O.B.: April 14, 2020

Four males: Hagi, Halifax, Hanoi y Harare

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Out of:

Farah de Tsavo*ES


D.o.B : 16 / 02 / 2019

EMS code: NFO n 22  

NL*Perun's Butch Cassidy


D.o.B: 25/01/2019

EMS code: NFO n 03 22

Our new litter G2!

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D.O.B: March 24, 2020

Six females  and  one male

Out of:

Criptonita Santaella *ES

Criptonita Santaella*ES 

D.o.B : 17 / 02 / 2015


EMS: NFO fs 09

Color: tortie silver black and white 

Ice Age Tree House *ES

SC Ice Age Tree House*ES

D.o.B.: 24-04-2012


EMS: NFO d 09 22

Color:Red and whitw tabby blotched 

Lomond de Tsavo*ES

Lomond de Tsavo*ES
Lomond de Tsavo*ES

 Our National Winner award-winning cats from our cattery 

NW IC Mosi - oa - Tunya de Tsavo*ES JW - Owner: Laura C. Santaella (Santaella Cattery)

NW GIP Nilo de Tsavo*ES - Owner: Alejandro Muñoz