This page updated 02/05/2021

We are expecting kittens

New litter I2.

Out of

Mother: Criptonita Santaella*ES

Father: NL*Perun's Butch Cassidy NFO n 03 22

Hanoi stays at home

It could not be otherwise. This big boy stays at home and we will enjoy his wonderful character

Gimlet stays at home

We have decided that Gimlet should stay at home, as a new breeding female. We are delighted that you were able to stay.

 Our National Winner award-winning cats from our cattery 

NW IC Mosi - oa - Tunya de Tsavo*ES JW - Owner: Laura C. Santaella (Santaella Cattery)

NW GIP Nilo de Tsavo*ES - Owner: Alejandro Muñoz