We are Teresa y Joaquín, living close to the mountains 40 km away from Madrid - Spain. We breed Norwegian Forest Cats since 1999 but we had our first Forest Cat in 1997. We are affiliated to FIFe  (Fédération Internationale Félina) and we are members of Asociación Felina Española (ASFE) 


We have a small cattery in home environment. The cats live together with us in the house. So far we have had one or two litters per year. We breed every litter separately, as we want to spend as much time as possible with each litter.


Our females are free to acess inside the house or outside in the catrun in the garden which is big enough to climb and run. Actually they live inside all the time. We think they are very happy living in this way.


Our males are allowed into our home in a special way. They have a room right next to the kitchen with big windows, so we can see them while we are in our kitchen and dinig room and with an easy access to them. Also they have two big areas in our garden, where there they can run, jump, play, and sleep together with neuters so they not will become lonely or strange.


Our goal with is to make strong, healthy cats, with a wonderful temperament. We think that kittens need a lot of attention to develop to healthy, happy and well socialized cats. It's very important for us to make cats after the right standard, with type, size and look, but the first of all is the temperament.

All our kittens are getting use to the other cats, guests, noises from music, television, vacuum cleaners, etc. So they are ready to go out in their new homes, without being afraid. None of our kittens are allowed to come outside in the runs...they are inside the house together with us and some of the adult cats neutered and females until they leave home. .We are very interested in following our kittens development as adult cats. It's very important for us, that all our cats should be relaxed animals.


We are very proud that some of our kittens , have done very well at shows. Since the cats well-being is most important to us, we like to know a lot about the buyers of our cats.

Our kittens do not leave home before they are 16 weeks old. When they move they are registered in ASFE-FIFe, veterinary examined and full vaccinated and dewormed before delivery. Our kittens are only going to safe indoor homes. All kittens will be dewormed, vaccinated and examined by a veterinarian before leaving for new homes.

The kittens grow up as well socialized family members. We don't sell to breeders or owners, who allow declawing or caging nor pet shops. All our kittens are FIFe registered